We are your partner in cable laying, assembly of sets and high-voltage tests.

Cable service

Our certified fitters are specialists in the different ranges and will be requested repeatedly by our customers.

Therefore, we can assure you a punctual service at any time.

Following service
  • Complete cable systems
  • Reconnection systems
  • Connectors
  • Terminations for inner room and open air facilities
  • Connection sleeves

Main service

Following service
  • Complete systems
  • Replacement of drum cables with adjustment
  • Mono-pole and multipolar plug connections / systems for switchboards, extensions, etc.
  • Slip ring end terminations for connection at slip ring rotors for cranes, excavators, etc.
  • Reelable, vulcanized splice sleeves with same diameter for barrel lines on moving large and small appliances
  • Limited reelable, vulcanized Cadweld sleeves with same diameter for gravel pits for wet extraction, for conveyor systems, etc.
  • Extension systems for tunnels with own mechanical cabinet system up to 36kV

Fiber optic cable service

Fiber optic cables are integrated in many cables and we have the know-how to connect these cables.

For example: We splice the fiber-optic cable with the same diameter and reelable into drum cables (N)TSCGEWOEU or high-voltage cables.

Following service
  • Complete systems
  • Splice connections
  • End terminations with plugs according to customer requirements
  • Special assemblies

Testing service

We have a comprehensive technology to test every cable or line including fiber optic cable.

Following service
  • Cable sheath test up to 10kV
  • High voltage tests WS 0,1Hz VLF up to 60kV
  • High voltage tests GS up to 110kV
  • Fault location by reflection measurement
  • Fault location by knock or burning
  • Cable routing
  • ODTR-Measurement on Multi- and Singlemode
  • FOC-fault location
  • Measurement with video of plugs